Pathar Masjid Directions

A beautiful Mughal Era mosque, Pathar Masjid is a stone mosque built by Empress Noor Jahan in 1623. The mosque stands out owing to its distinctive limestone architecture. While the landscape of Srinagar is predominantly dotted with wooden structures, the mosque stands proud as a testament to the splendour of the Mughal era. One other feature that sets it apart is that the mosque lacks the traditional pyramidal roof and has nine mehraabs (arches). A legend states that when the empress was asked how much the mosque cost, she replied indirectly, pointing to her jewel-studded shoes, and said, “As much as that”!
The mosque is situated on the left bank of River Jhelum in Nowhatta area. The mosque’ surroundings are pristine, giving a feeling of peace and tranquility. Local boys can be found here playing cards or sunning themselves when the weather is nice.