The Week International

The Week International is an after hours LGBT nightclub located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Opened in September 2004, in Lapa, and became in the moment the biggest gay nightclub of São Paulo, Brazil, and Latin America. The massive 64,000-square-foot (5,900 m2) nightclub features two dancefloors, a garden, a pool, several bars, valet parking, and a vip area.

Bringing in over 2,500 people every weekend, over the past years The Week was responsible not only for significant changes in São Paulo nightlife in general. The club’s constant strive for innovation and quality has become one of the driving forces in Brazil’s changing club scene, and has forced several other business to raise their standards. The success of The Week São Paulo has resulted in the opening of a branch in Rio de Janeiro in July 2007, and in branch in Florianópolis in 2008. The latter is open seasonally during the months of summer.

Most recently, The Week has also signed a partnership with Matinee Group in Spain, which has already brought parties to Brazil and will be able to host The Week parties with a Brazilian flair throughout Europe.