Blind Tiger

The Blind Tiger derives its name from the slang term for underground speakeasy bars that were popular illicit drinking dens during American Prohibition through the 1920s and early 30s. Offering potent bespoke cocktails, tantalizing tapas, and enigmatic tunes, the Blind Tiger’s sumptuous surrounds seduce unlike any experience that Yangon offers.

Since opening in its original location in November 2014, The Blind Tiger quickly cemented itself as Yangon‚s most sought out entertainment venue. Impressing with its sumptuous lounge styling, potent bespoke cocktails, and tantalizing tapas, the bar-restaurant-art space became the city‚s must visit landmark. It was a welcoming experience unlike any other in Yangon, attracting a cosmopolitan mix of discerning locals, expat regulars, and curious visitors.

Drawing inspiration from the slang term for speakeasy bars that were popular during American Prohibition in the 1920s and early 30s, the Blind Tiger is a friendly contemporary speakeasy that features creative signature cocktails, fresh seasonal concoctions and infused libations. Meanwhile the select menu features enticing tapas with regional twists and the freshest market ingredients. The Blind Tiger continues to further its place among Yangon‚s growing nightlife scene with special lunchtime offers from 11am, early evening drink specials, weekly drink promos, unique events, and much more.