The Music Room

Since it’s opening in 2005, The Music Room has become synonymous with quality live music in Dubai. Its unwavering fan base continues to grow and people are undoubtedly loving this unique style of venue. We’ve housed remarkable events such as concerts by ‘The Proclaimers’ and ‘The Heavy’, an album launch by ‘Jonas Desai’ and countless theme nights. With room for over 700 people, The Music Room is the best hub for youthful souls looking for clean fun and a wonderful night out.

Evolving and simply rediscovering local talent, The Music Room is an open house for all up and coming artists. Our stage has been a melting pot of various acts, made possible by our infamous JAM NIGHT where performers get a chance to pool their talents with others.

Re-engineered and state of the art. We have the latest in sound equipment including a Digi-Design desk. A team of personnel including musicians, engineers and acousticians work together to give you the best. Live Music has never been this good.