Navrang Mahal Restaurant

The name “Navang Mahal” literally translates to “Palace Of Nine Colours”.

The concept of establishing an authentic Indian restaurant which serves high quality traditional cuisine from the northern and southern regions of India, was first conceived by the Singh family back in 1994. From the fruit of hard work, determination and a love of the mouthwatering tastes of India, Navrang Mahal came into being as a family owned & operated restaurant in the heart of Patong and later expanded to include their famous Navrang Mahal at Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa.

Navrang Mahal restaurants are a haven of sensory delights – with every dish meeting the exacting standards of being visually pleasing to the eye, having a tantalising aroma & by no means least, every dish must be a taste sensation. Keeping in tradition with the Royal Mughal cuisine of bygone emperors of India, brass katoris are used to serve our delicacies and are prepared by our hereditary chefs using only the best quality and freshest ingredients.