Natural Science Museum La Salle

La Salle Museum of Natural Sciences It has an impressive variety of exhibitions, including exhibitions devoted to paleontology and archeology, as well as a large collection of mounted butterflies.

With its scientific and historical value, the museum has been recognized as one of the most complete of its kind in all of Latin America, with more than 55,000 copies of taxidermy in permanent exhibition. Counting its temporary exhibitions of the Museum of Natural Sciences La Salle presents a total of 65,000 copies of a variety of fields, including zoology and mineralogy.

The specimens dissected on display are an interesting collection, with screens ranging from fish and snakes to fish models mere dark strange look and huge leatherback turtle, Or leatherback turtle, the largest reptile on the planet.

In addition, the Museum of Natural Sciences La Salle has a huge collection of fossils, including ancient dinosaur bones and a large number of butterflies that includes twelve cases of bright blue species Morpho.