Museum of Asian Art of Corfu

Today the Palace of Archangel Michael and St George houses the Museum of Corfu Asian Art, the only museum in Greece dedicated solely to art and antiquities of the Far East and India.

Established in 1928 as Sinoiaponikis Museum of Art, on the occasion of the donation of sinoiaponikis collection of Grigoriou Manou. Since then, the Museum worked like a magnet, attracting many other donations, thus comprising approximately 15,000 Asian art objects from private collections and donations of individual objects. Particularly donation Hatzivassiliou in 1973 with the addition of 400 works from India, Pakistan, Tibet, Siam and Southeast Asia, changed the character strictly sinoiaponiko Museum and led to the renaming into Asian Art Museum.

Today the Museum’s world is awareness, so rare works of the collections presented at international exhibitions. The most recent was held in Tokyo in “Tokyo Metropolitan Edo – Tokyo Museum” in the summer of 2009.