Museo del Hombre Hondureno

The Museum of the Honduran Man (Museo del Hombre Hondureno) was created in November of July of 1989 , in the city of Tegucigalpa , MDC in the Republic of Honduras.

The Foundation for the Museum of the Honduran Man (FMHH) is an organism legally recognized by the Honduran government, which throughout its 21 years as a cultural entity has defined its purposes for the sake of an incessant search for the reaffirmation of the Values ​​that are part of our national identity and towards the rescue of the heritage and cultural memory of Honduras. In this perspective, the nation that all Hondurans have built and continue to do every day with the effort of work and in the setting in which life has placed them, should be a source of pride for the duty fulfilled, especially when they join forces to Strengthen citizen identity and contribute to the human development of the country. Within those commitments and those imposed by a globalized society,

The Museum has three rooms of pictorial exhibitions of artists of the Honduran brush and installed in the house that belonged to Dr.Ramón Rosa Minister extraordinary in the government of Dr. Marco Aurelio Soto . Historically known as “The House of Friends of the Country” because there were daily meetings and evenings, which discussed issues of politics, literature and science, where Dr. Rosa was the host and gave a talk , In pleasant coexistence, all those emigrants or personages by the country “, 1 is registered within the Historical Cultural Patrimony of Honduras.