Mum’s Kitchen

Since 1997, Mum’s Kitchen has progressively served rare examples of the cuisine of Goa; it’s a growing movement striving to save the Goan cuisine from extinction. Here, the “MOTHERS” from different parts of Goa have contributed, and helped us compile our menu. Here every effort is taken to sustain the genuineness and quality of each recipe, and to bring on to the table some very delectable ‘archaic’ dishes.

This place is also a tribute to “Mothers” from far flung corners of Goa for having contributed In compiling exclusive traditional recipes, the result being a range of food so exquisite it’s a testimony to the rich Goan culture.

Over the years, Goa has evolved from a very quiet little state with beautiful virgin beaches to a bustling tourist epicentre. This has enticed loads of business consisting primarily of restaurants, which started serving multi/fusion cuisines. Due to the lack of dedication and passion to maintain accuracy by such restaurants, Goan cuisine had started to lose its originality.

We initially started as a multi-cuisine, and over the years we realized that the trend of ‘Fusion Cuisine’ had started infecting the Goan cuisine and that such a decline would be distressingly appalling, therefore we committed all our vigour in reviving our splendid cuisine.