Morrison Rock Bar

The bar has the idol Jim Morrison as his inspiration. Installed in Vila Madalena, the house is large and has three main rooms. The Aquarium, located at the entrance of the bar, is an intimate, quiet setting with an eight-meter balcony, some tables with a view to the street through a glass window, a huge mirror and a panel of photos of the bar’s guests.

The Pista is divided into dance floor and stage for presentation of bands and some tables. There is also the Morr Ison Hotel, which is the lounge of the house, located on the second floor of the building. There they play several parties and it is where the people relax, on the couches, without ceasing to enjoy the same sound of the track or the shows that roll there.

The Morrison Rock Bar has a capacity of about 700 people, has valets at the door, air conditioning, wait staff, canopy, kitchen and security specially trained to serve customers. Every night features concerts Rock with the best cover bands of São Paulo , and while the show does not start, the sound is due to the Djs Kuru and Paulinho Z .