With only a curtain of pine trees between the terrace and the beach, this restaurant offers a holiday feel. The menu of Portuguese dishes is comprehensive, with many designed for sharing. Be warned, the portions are generous. The classic pipis might just convert traditional offal haters.

The smooth chicken liver and soft gizzards are served in a layered and rich tomato-based sauce. The stuffed crab is another great choice, with lots of sweet crab meat, plus cheese and garlic, served with toasted baguette. Although the seafood cataplana isn’t served in the traditional cooking vessel, it’s packed with crab, prawns, mussels, clams and scallops. The broth, made from a shell-based stock with tomatoes and a touch of coriander, gives the dish added depth.

A recommendation from the manager was for the grilled pork secretos (secret cut of pork). The meat was almost fork tender — basic but fantastic.