Mamak is an award winning Malaysian restaurant, with branches in Sydney and Melbourne. Named after the roadside stalls of Kuala Lumpur that peddle Indian Malay street food, Mamak is renown for authentic, bold and traditional flavours, with smart and friendly service.

Three good friends, Alan, Clement and Julian wanted to open a restaurant. Living in Sydney, they missed eating freshly made Roti Canai, sipping on frothy Teh Tarik and snacking on smoky Satay skewers. It was the food they loved from their youthful days in Kuala Lumpur. They decided to put their corporate careers on hold, pack their bags, and travel to Malaysia.

In 2007, the first restaurant opened in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Mamak, named after the roadside stalls that peddle Indian Malay street food became an instant hit with the locals. Crowds gathered, lines extended out the door and queues wrapped around the block.