Le Du

Le Du, located in the now fine-dining haven of Silom, offers highly creative cuisine courtesy of a young Thai-born chef who, along with his team, has won over critics for his visionary techniques and approaches. Despite a French sounding name, Le Du is not a French restaurant at all… Le Du means ‘Season’ in Thai and categorizing the menu is a bit difficult. It could be defined as ‘Young Creative Cuisine with Thai Roots’ – with touches from many international origins. And here ‘Young’ doesn’t mean amateur – Chef Ton at Le Du has an accomplished culinary background.

Le Du actually comes from a Thai word – “ฤดู”, a synonym for the word “season” in Thai. The name reflects an emphasis on our culinary creations out  of seasonal produce.

Le Du is a modern Thai-inspired eatery. We offer both a’ la carte and tasting menus featuring the extraordinary agricultural bounty of Thailand and on the centuries-old culinary cultures that have taken roots here.

Our wines are carefully chosen by our certified sommelier. The wine list features many unique and intriguing wines from around the world.