Lapa 40º

Located in Lapa, the tourist district of Rio de Janeiro where the Arcos da Lapa is located, Lapa 40 Graus – Sinuca & Gafieira is a meeting point for those who seek many options of fun in one place. Inaugurated eight years ago, the house shows its magnificence in a four-story mansion whose decoration was carefully planned and refers to everyday scenes of Rio: football, samba, beach, sights and fun.

The Lapa 40º offers its goers two stages for samba show, modern gafieira, sertanejo, forró, MPB and pop rock; Four bars, nightclub, cabins, VIP area, 20 pool tables, good gastronomy, various snacks, chopp, beer, various drinks and a mezzanine where the guests gather to talk.

Beloved by celebrities, renowned musicians, personalities and showcase for new talents of Brazilian music, the bar and nightclub is also the stage for successful DJs in the Rio scene.