Kaiser’s Reblaube

The house was built in 1260 and is therefore one of the oldest in town. From the 14th century onwards, several generations of the Biberli family lived here. In 1338, the first of them was warned by the town council not to tip rubbish into the lane. After the prosperous Biberli lineage died out, it became the home of town clerks, councillors, and other respected Zurich citizens.

Etched into the glass windows of our wine tavern over a hundred years ago, the words ‚Pinte valaisanne‚ and ‚caf vaudois‚ are a constant reminder of what we stand for: a wide selection of the finest Swiss wines and simple yet refined cuisine. But above all, a combination of warm and straightforward hospitality with a dash of French ‚savoir vivre.‚