Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

On your tour of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary you can enjoy watching the wildlife and Migratory Birds, or visiting the Gully Habitat, Marshland and Amazon Aviaries, while touring our beautiful and carefully designed Boardwalk and trail system.

It is with extreme regret that we must continue to keep the Exhibits, Aviaries and Interpretive trails closed at to the general public at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. However, the Lakeside Lawn is open so that people may come and have a snack or refreshment while enjoying the view of the Lake.

The sanctuary is home to the Graeme Hall Swamp, a mangrove swamp which was a popular tourist attraction until about 2006. However, due to an ongoing dispute between the owner and the Barbados government over uncontrolled pollution, allegedly from bordering government-owned land, it has been closed to the public. Since about 2008 it has increasingly suffered from raids and poaching by locals about which the local police are reportedly doing nothing.