El Capitolio

The El Capitolio is a building located in Havana, Cuba. The exact location of the El Capitolio is in an area called Centro Habana. The Centro Habana is located near the old city.

Travelers to Havana who have visited Washington, D.C. may do a double take when they see beautiful El Capitolio, inaugurated in 1929. Rising from the city skyline, this grand building displays a blend of Neoclassical and Art Nouveau styles and was the seat of government until 1959, after the Cuban Revolution. But though this grand building is reminiscent of the American Capitol building, it was the Panthéon in Paris that reputedly inspired its distinctive cupola. At the time of writing, it was closed and undergoing a major restoration to prepare it as the new home for Cuba’s Communist parliament. However, it remains a striking landmark for those wandering around Havana; its huge dome is visible from almost anywhere in the city.