Opened in October 2010, the 27th shopping center in Budapest VIII. located in the heart of the circumference. As the city was in town called it the development of entertainment and shopping opportunities for visitors to the highest standards.

A beautiful fusion of past and present was created by the builder of the old tenements in reconstruction and the modern design built you a new building together, thus managed to create one of the most beautiful areas of Budapest. The first Hungarian Corvin-functional indoor mall as a glass roof, which melts the Corvin Quarter pleasantly situated on 22 hectares rest of the development. We paid due attention to the development of the green portion in accordance with environmental needs for sustainable development. The existence of a green roof provides a fresh splash of color to the house and the center concrete jungle.

The project worked out to the smallest detail modern complex meeting all demands by Klpierre. – Sgc French investment company’s Hungarian subsidiary of Sgc Hungary Kft operates.

The shopping center is four levels a total of about 65 thousand square meters of gross retail floor area of ‚‚34 600 m2, which is a supermarket (3600 m2), nine medium-sized and more than a hundred small business premises as well as a full restaurant level design.