The BCIE Club was founded in the second half of 1964, initially located in the home of El Hatillo, which was approved by the Board of Governors section N. 337 of February 3, 1967. The latter was transferred to the present area of ​​La Granja , Contiguous to the College of Dental Surgeons.  Its construction was in the years of 1967 to 1972, with approval of statutes the 18 of May of 1971. The BCIE Club belongs to BCIE Beciana family, all Club members are Bank employees, retirees and former employees, and all other International Organizations.

The Social Club is a recreation center that currently consists of several recreational areas, such as being; Football fields, football, baseball, tennis and basketball, skating, playgrounds, ranches, kiosks, meeting rooms, among others. Something with which the Social Club consists is with its own administration, which is governed by a board of directors, chosen by the same partners by majority vote. In addition to the Rental Rooms, we take care of offering you the best food service for your events. We have an exquisite and extensive menu, where you will find a great variety of dishes and snacks for your events. But above all our staff of both kitchen and waiters is qualified with the highest quality standards to offer you a personalized service.