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Checkpoint Charly

Restaurant Checkpoint Chary is a favorite meeting place in the city center of Sofia for more than 10 years. The modern Bulgarian cuisine, good wine selection and excellent service is the reason to come back here again and again. The only place in the city center, where there is live jazz every Friday night. The tasty and varied lunch menu makes Charly a favorite place for lunch for the local buisnes people.

This is a place where you can eat and spend some time with your friends.You may listen to jazz music or just enjoy your stay. You could also read some old newspapers.They will send you back to the times when  “Checkpoint Charly”,one of the main checkpoints between East and West Berlin, forever changed the lives of those who managed to pass through it. This was a place defining the border of two worlds that had nothing in common but were separated just by a wall.The crossing of this wall – the escape – was a dream shared by millions of people. The newspapers before you were assuring them that they were living in paradise, and beyond the wall was the very hell itself. Often fugitives from “paradise” died because of their yearning for the free world. The border guards of socialism shot them in the name of the bright communist right. Pople lost their lives just because they wanted to go somewhere else. To move from one place to another.To take a few steps…