Bombay Babu Indian Tandoori Restaurant

The spacious premises of the Bombay Babu are nestled in a small, quiet enclave just above the Torviscas beach. There’s a huge open terrace and the restaurant itself is also open fronted so that you can eat indoors too without feeling closed in. The décor has a modern Indian feel and the large television screen unobtrusively entertains the diners with the classic Bollywood films which so many enjoy. That is when there isn’t a special party night organised, for a Western or Indian celebration such as Valentine’s Day or Diwali when an even more exquisite menu at a special price is on offer and the Bollywood dancers are for real. You’ll love the comfortable rattan seating and the spacing of the tables ensuring plenty of elbow room and privacy.

Indian gastronomy has influenced cuisines across the world, especially those from Southeast Asia, Britain and the Caribbean.
This vast land’s cuisine is made up of a myriad of regional cuisines that go back thousands of years and the dishes of India are characterized by extensive use of the varied spices of the country, used not only for cooking, but also to add flavour and aroma to drinks. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are also widely used and, as many Indians choose vegetarianism, there is a huge wealth of recipes designed for and around vegetables, rather than adapted from meat containing standards, a truly exquisite selection which is reflected in our menu.

Indian food varies fromregion to region, reflecting the demographics of the ethnically-diverse subcontinent and the huge range of agricultural conditions and climates. Hindu beliefs and culture have played an influential role in the evolution of Indian cuisine over the centuries, however, cuisine across India also evolved as a result of the country’s large-scale cultural interactions with other cultures, especially across the Asian continent, making it a unique blend of many cuisines.

The many regional specialities, for example, Bhuna from Assam in the north east, Rogan Josh from Kashmir and Bhopal in north west and central India, Korma, also a favourite in Bhopal as is Biryani which is also popular in the southern region of Hyderabad and the Anglo/Indian contribution, Balti, are all available on our menu, together with many other popular favourites and yet to be discovered delights. Bay leaves are common as is coriander and mint. Another popular spice mix is Tandoori masala, named after the incredibly special clay oven that forms the basis of Tandoori cooking, essential for the authentic flavour and which of course we have installed in our kitchen. Black salt is popular for seasoning, use of the curry plant is popular in southern India and desserts often contain a choice of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron or rose petal essence.

For family outings, there’s a popular kids’ menu available, in addition to the very mildly spiced or spice-free dishes and we also offer a wonderful wide range of made to order American Deep Pan Pizzas.