Restaurant Casa TAGORO

We would like to welcome you in our new Casa TAGORO, with a culinary culinary experience of a special kind, to enrich your visit.

Already the tribal princes of the Guanches met at the historic site of our founding house in Granadilla and also in the new Casa TAGORO, our guests are like culinary delights: “Our cuisine, in the usual quality, served in a familiar atmosphere at a new locality”  

We Look forward to seeing you, as anyone who takes a seat at one of the tables in the new Casa TAGORO to enjoy a delicious meal writes the endless diary of culinary cultural history.  

The host family – Karin & Gerhard Brodtrager with the team of Casa TAGORO

Here in our new Casa TAGORO you will find  a large dining room (approx. 40 seats) with the familiar Logenecke (10 places),
a terrace (about 20 seats – smoking allowed) and a bar from where you can prepare your kitchen Food available.