Sultanyar Kebapçısı

SULTANYAR, a family business, started baking in 1950’s. Sultanyar, which has entered the restaurant sector since 1979, continues to serve in many branches with the essence of large family masses. Group Since 1987 in Antalya, you are served with delicious food and famous kebabs.

According to the information given by Izzetin Sultaniar, who uses the name SULTANYAR, this group which belongs to Naimlere, the famous family of Ceylanpınar in Viran city of Åžanlıurfa, chose the name of “Sultan”, the family members of the sultan named “Sultan”.This name also represents 9 brothers and 9 brothers, each of which is a symbol for the names of a brother.

SULTANYAR is a flavor brand that is known not only in Antalya but also in every part of Turkey and abroad with its steadily progressing restaurants that have always been doing business with pleasure and aiming to give the best to its customers.

The organization, which cares for the fact that its branches are free of alcohol, cares about the health as well as the taste of the customers and works with the leading brands of the sectors in its products in order to protect the quality with the right tastes. Sultanyar continues to provide TSE certified services.