Grillmarkaðurinn an Icelandic restaurant in design, style and cooking. We work closely with the country’s farmers to get the very best ingredients to cook from. Grill The market opened in the summer of 2011, where he struck thoroughly throughout the first day.

The house, which stands on the corner Lækjargötu and Austurstræti, was originally built as a cinema in 1920 and named the new movies. Films were shown in the building until 1987, when the building was converted into a nightclub that burned in 1998 and was subsequently demolished house. Was completed to build a new house on the block in mid-2011.

Owners Grill market and as the design of the place and as the cuisine includes a use Icelandic ingredients directly from the farmer, for example fishskin, leather, lava and rocks Icelandic nature. The result is that place which is both fun and pleasant to eat good food and enjoy the moment. As are side room for groups only at the very high demand for restaurants that can take against large groups who want to enjoy a good restaurant atmosphere.