Sapore Trattoria

Every dish prepared and served is the best of each one of the people who work in the restaurant, every dish is passion made handmade pasta.

All our dishes are made according to original recipes of true Italian food, in our own kitchen and especially with special attention for those who are inclined to tasty dishes and balanced between nutritional and caloric intake. The ingredients used with the best that our country offers with certified virgin olive oil, tomatoes Salerno, homemade pastas or high quality durum wheat, meats, Italian cheeses and more … Buon appetito!

The kitchen is, without doubt, a very amount of the italiana.Conocida culture worldwide, continually loved and imitated, has been able to give pleasure and joy of life in all latitudes. We know the reaction of any individual when, in any chaotic industrial city in the world, tired and depressed, is a sign of Italian food: feel your heart conforta.Se is a rich, nutritious and healthy cuisine, transmitted for centuries through family life. His character is essentially peasant and as such, is linked to our land and the fruits produced in the course of the seasons, therefore, is a genuine cuisine based on natural ingredients.