Opened by toshio kinoshita in the liberdade district more than three decades ago, the restaurant that takes his surname as a name conquered the taste not only of people from the city of são paulo, but also visitors from Brazil and abroad. Jointly with his partner, restaurateur Marcelo

Fernandes, chef Murakami has a list of awards that represent the recognition of this history, kinoshita is the japanese restaurant with the largest collection of achievements in latin america. Come in and make yourself at home, always be welcome by the joy of our team.

Well-arranged lights and tables are in perfect harmony with Naoki Otake’s architecture and Gilberto Elkis’ landscaping. Choose your place on the tatami, hall, balcony or in the sushi bar, the favorite space of the chef and clients who really appreciate the interaction with our “sushimen”.

On the top floor, have a drink in our pleasant bar while we prepare your table. On the background, while you talk and taste our preparations, get thrilled with a jazz track specially selected by murakami.