Sukiyabashi Jiro

Sushi is a very simple dish that is unique to the world. That is why the deception is ineffective and only the real skill glows. And only with real skill, the minds of craftsmen stay in …Please enjoy the seasonal seasonal items purchased at Tsukiji with Sukiyabashi Jiro.

Though there’s nothing that obviously cool about Sukiyabashi Jiro at first glance, the fact that it’s run by a world-renowned, yet surprisingly humble sushi master makes it a definite restaurant to consider.If sushi is an art form, it is most certainly seen within Sukiyabashi Jiro. At the bottom level of an office building in Ginza is where you’ll arrive and if you have expectations, you might be a little bit disappointed: the restaurant is a simple ten tables surrounding a large, wooden counter. The best sushi of your life will arrive in form of salmon roe, mantis shrimp, flounder, squid, yellowtail, and other fish varieties.