El Patio

The typical Honduran restaurant was born on October 3, 1977. More than a restaurant, El Patio has become a meeting point for hundreds of political and artistic personalities from different countries, making it the “restaurant of the stars”. .

Two large totem-like statues representing ancient Indian figures welcome the hungry to Tegucigalpa‘s El Patio. El Patio is one of the best-known restaurants in Honduras, noted for the great food and lively atmosphere. Delicious appetizers are served on top of the traditional anafres, clay pots containing hot coal. But El Patio’s claim to fame comes in the form of lip-smacking meat skewers and steaks, grilled on coal, as per local Honduran traditions.

Without luxuries with humility, serving to all people without discrimination of race, social or economic position, receiving all our customers with kindness and a smile, for all this we invite you to return to the past those good times that we live, that we enjoy in the old And beautiful Tegucigalpa, all this and more will find it only in El Patio Restaurant.