Cocodrilo Buenos Aires, is a mythical place in the city of BsAs. Place where both men and women can enjoy a magical night and full of surprises.

In one of the most spectacular cities in the world, in the heart of Palermo, we find Cocodrilo Buenos Aires place with all the ingredients to start an endless night. With a unique and private atmosphere where the magic of its lights, melodies and drinks, make the delights of the porteño night. We are the space where without knowing it will walk from day to night knowing the skin of this city.

It is a place chosen by celebrities and figures of international level. Crocodile is by its wave a classic of the porteña night.
Where you will find a dance floor with the best music of the night in Buenos Aires. With a VIP section and the best personalized attention for all the clients that visit us. Cocodrilo Buenos Aires stands out for the great quality of female audience that frequent the Disco. A mandatory stop in the evening to go have a drink with friends.

Cocodrilo is a classic of the porteña night. Celebrities, musicians, actors, tourists, businessmen and politicians frequent the place, protecting themselves in their privacy policies, VIP sectors and personalized attention. Their shows are rotating according to the day of the week between erotic numbers, poledance, tango, salsa, and performances of different personalities … but always with the sensuality as a hallmark