Lapland Do’s

  • Arrange an Aurora hunting session with an experienced guide if possible.
  • Sample some of the hearty and delicious Lappish cuisine.
  • Visit the wonderful Sami museum in Inari to learn about the history and culture of native peoples in Lapland.
  • Make an effort and say, “Excuse me,” if you want to pass someone. But don’t expect a reaction. The right way to do it is to just push your way around.
  • Refrain from discussing architect Alvar Aalto or composer Jean Sibelius; instead,talk about contemporary talent, like singer Karita Mattila or conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen. Know a few athletes’ names, and you’ve made friends for life.

Lapland Don’ts

  • Visit on a tight budget.
  • Miss out on a sleigh ride.
  • Forget to choose your season carefully.
  • Visit without calling first. The door may not open without a prior notice, especially on weekends.
  • Tip. People are not used to tips and don’t always know how to react.