San José Do’s 

  • Do use your Spanish, no matter how limited your speaking skills are.
  • Do take public transportation or arrange for your travel company to transport you, rather than rent a car.
  • Do participate in all the great activities on offer
  • Do bring your own sunscreen.
  • Do bring an umbrella and raincoat.
  • Do bring an extra pair of sandals and sneakers if your feet are US womens size 9+ or US mens size 11+.
  • Do get a room.
  • Do learn and use the phrase pura vida (pronounced POO-ra BEE-da).

San José Don’ts 

  • Don’t bathe nude at the beach!
  • Don’t tip.
  • Don’t hike in the rainforest off of any marked paths!
  • Don’t plan a vacation to Costa Rica during the Christmas and Easter holidays.
  • Don’t pick plants or hunt for seashells.
  • Don’t be surprised.
  • Don’t skimp out by not paying for a local naturalist guide.
  • Don’t wear bright colors if you hope to see elusive wildlife.