Clearwater Do’s

  • Use liquid detergents rather than powder
  • Fix leaky plumbing fixtures immediately
  • Pump system (yearly in multi-family units) every 2-3 years
  • Keep records of septic system maintenance
  • Conserve water consumption by reducing daily water use
  • Be alert to signs of a failing or clogged system


Clearwater Don’ts

  • Don’t flush or pour down the drain any dangerous and damaging substances into your waste water treatment system such as non-biodegradable objects, medication, grease or cooking oils, toxic or flammable products (like paint or paint thinner)
  • Don’t clean in/at your sink latex or oil paint brushes, solvents, industrial cleaners or disinfectants, household cleaners, floor wax, rug cleaners, chlorine bleach or ammonia products, coffee grounds or other food or compost scraps, water softener or water filter backwash, pool or spa products or its waste water, pesticides, herbicides, agricultural chemicals or fertilizers, commercial septic tank cleaners or other performance additives
  • Dig up the yard without knowing the exact location of system
  • Landscape or place pennant structures over system components
  • Drive or park over any component of the septic system
  • Enter underground septic tank – call a professional
  • Allow open access ports to system -block all access to tank opening immediately
  • Install a garbage grinder