Cape Verde


Cachupa is the national dish of Cape Verde. It’s a delicious slow boiled stew of corn, beans, sweet potato, pumpkin and fish or meat. You can find plenty of variations of Cachupa across the islands.

Cachupa 2.jpg


Yet another stew but this one consists of shellfish and soy sauce.


Served as a snack or appetizer and made with octopus, buzio or lapas and cooked with tomato, onion, and peppers.

Perceves (Sea Fingers)

The preparation and eating of this one may sound a bit strange; you crack off the end and then peel the skin to reveal the meat.

Bol de Cus-Cus 

If you have a sweet tooth you’re well catered for too. This sugary cake is made with corn and comes served alongside butter and cabra cheese.