Bajan Macaroni Pie & Fried Flying Fish

Bajan Macaroni Pie and Flying Fish , referred to as just “Pie and Fish”, is our version of macaroni and cheese served with a fillet of fried flying fish. Flying fish is often exchanged for a variety of other tropical Barbados fish such as Mahi Mahi and Blue Marlin.

Barbados Macaroni Pie

Bajan Black Eye Peas and Rice

“Rice N’ Peas” as it is referred to, is the most popular rice dish in Barbados and is a common substitute for Macaroni Pie. These native African peas have become a major part of Barbadian family meals. This dish is sometimes made with kidney beans and parsley.

Barbados Food Rice and Peas

Bajan Candied Sweet Potatoes

These sweet potatoes are made with lots of Barbados brown sugar. If served mashed they are sometimes topped with sweet pineapples and cherries.

Food in Barbados Candied Sweet Potatoes

Fried Plantains

Plantain is a close relative to the sweet banana and makes a delicious addition to any meal when fried and topped with cinnamon.

Fried plantains are often diced and individually wrapped in bacon making an amazing hors d’oeuvre.

Food in Barbados Fried Plantains

Pudding N’ Souse

This is a very special Barbados meal. The pudding is made of pig intestines stuffed with sweet potatoes and the souse is boiled down pig head and trotters. A great dish for the adventurous!

Pudding and souse


Conkies are made of a mixture of cornmeal, coconut, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and cornflour wrapped in a banana leaf. These are usually made in November to celebrate Barbados’ independence.

Fish Cakes

These deep fried fish balls are made of salted cod fish and herbs. It is common to find these being sold on the side of the road.

Food in Barbados Fish Cakes

The Barbados Cherry

A bright red, tastey Barbados fruit that is often turned in to juice.

Barbados Cherry