Santa Maria

Prosciutto Montano Vigezzino

The “Prosciutto Montano Vigezzino” is the traditional ham produced in Valle Vigezzo following an ancient family recipe. A high-quality raw-ham is slightly smoked and juniper berries are used during this process to give the ham its unique taste. The accurate methods of salting and aging guarantee the quality of the product.

Cheese of “Latteria Vigezzina”

The “Cooperativa Agricola Valle Vigezzo” founded the “Latteria Vigezzina”, where the milk produced by all the partners is transformed into cheese. The dairy proposes a selection of cheeses for every taste, produced following the traditional alpine methods. The process of ripening is completed in the dairy and then the cheese is sold directly in the dairy shop.

The traditional goat kid of Valle Vigezzo

It is a traditional dish of Valle Vigezzo known all over Italy. The goat kids are bred in Valle Vigezzo and they are quite renowned for their tender and tasty meat. It obtained the regional PAT – Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali – label that guarantees the quality of the product. Every year in March Santa Maria Maggiore hosts the Goat Kid Fair.

“Torta pan e lac” and “Fiacia”

These are two traditional cakes of Santa Maria Maggiore. “Torta Pan e Lac” with milk and bread is a perfect example of few simple ingredients mixed together to obtain a delicious cake to satisfy the tastes of children and adults. “Fiacia” is a shortcrust cake, whose main ingredient is butter.


It is really a traditional recipe of Valle Vigezzo: a thin sheet of flour mixed with water that is cooked on fire, then buttered and salted. They can be tasted in some of the restaurants or pastry shops of Santa Maria Maggiore.