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A ferry to start from Mumbai to Goa in 2017 | KFN Travel guide

A ferry to start from Mumbai to Goa in 2017

Another cool way to reach Goa. Are you as excited as us?


The proximity between Goa and Mumbai makes  it a perfect getaway that can be reached via different modes of transport. It takes less than an hour via flight, you can take an overnight bus journey, a few hours by a fast train and if you have your gang along, it makes for a great road trip too. And come 2017, you will be able to take a ferry from Mumbai to Goa too. According to reports, this mode of transport to reach Goa will begin by April 2017. It was earlier scheduled to happen in 2015 by Goa authorities but the plan did not pan out that time. However, things will shape up soon and by early next year, we can arrive in Goa in style in a ferry.

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