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7 Surreal Places on Earth that is hard to believe in | KFN Travel guide

7 Surreal Places on Earth that is hard to believe in

There is a totally different world out there which looks like something out of a fairytale. Whether it`s Mount Roraima of Venezuela or Lake Hillier of Australia these places have to be seen to believe. Here are 7 such surreal places on earth.

Grand Prismatic Spring…

Wyoming, USA
The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA looks like something you would find on another planet.

Zhangye Danxia National Geographic Park… China
The hills feature colorful deposits of sandstone, called Danxia landforms that have been forming for 24 million years.


Cave Metro Station… Stockholm, Sweden
This underground cave looks like a colorful and artistic cavern. The metro station is sure there to woo all.

Mount Roraima… Venezuela
The flat summit of Mount Roraima hovers above the clouds, 1,300 feet from the lands below. It is here where Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana meet.

Lake Hillier… Middle Island, Australia
Scientists have not come up with a definitive reason why this salt lake is pink, but they do have plenty of theories.

Black Forest… Southwest Germany
Loccated in the southwest corner of Germany, Black Forest mountain range will amaze you with its dazzling colorful picture.

Camel Thorn Trees… Naukluft Park, Namibia
The mesmerizing camel thorn trees in Naukluft Park are complimented with the bright orange from the light of the morning sun.

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